Canadian Staycations

Relaxation & Self Care

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Busy taking care of business, kids, or life in general? It’s easy to forget to take care of yourself! We’ve created a few options that will help you forget all the things you were supposed to do and give your body and mind a little quiet space to relax and unwind.

Canadian Staycations

Positive Psychology Weekend

Learn to focus on the good stuff, and enjoy a relaxing mini vacation at the same time!

Canadian Staycations

Comox Valley Pathway to Wellness Vacation

The Comox Valley is the best place to base yourself for a health and wellness focused vacation.

Canadian Staycations

Comox Valley Spa Break

A spa break right on the ocean is enough to relax even the most tightly wound mind.

Canadian Staycations

Fitness for Health

Relaxed, fun, personalized introductory steps on the path to improved health.

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